Railroad Statistics

Some stats

The multi level track table is 12 m long and 3.8 m wide. all elements of the layout are within arms length.

The track configuration used just over 100 m of flexitrack, 49 points most of which are electrically operated from 6 control panels for manual operation.   32 of the electric controlled points are also triggered by the electronic computer control.

Train activity is either manual, or computer controlled with the assistance of 40 monitored blocks and 17 light diodes for precipice positioning mainly at passing bays and at the station platform.

The loco’s are controlled through a LENZ digital system which communicated with each loco through the electrical network (THE TRACKS ON WHICH THE TRAINS RUN).

The electric computer control and monitoring system runs through a separate network.   The computer souses information from the block detection, individual train name, speed, direction destination etc issues instruction to the loco and switches points.  the control system SHOULD prevent any conflicts by a system of track tablets, each loco must have a tablet in order to proceed or wait for the tablet to become available.

The computer also communicates with the loco’s through the LENZ digital system.

Railroad concepts

The railroad is ON30 Scale the loco’s and rolling stack, fixtures and fittings are 1:48 or O scale.  the N represents narrow gauge 30″ or 2′ 6″  as apposed to standard gauge which is .

The layout is fetishist, could be American Rockies or anywhere in NZ in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s when most things were still steam driven and horses and bulls provided mobile pulling power.  Logging camps out in the wilderness were self contained shanty towns.

The primary function is the logging line serving the logging camp and saw mill. This is a single line with passing bays end to end operation with non prototypical reversing loops at each location to allow continuous running when desired. The trains run in both directions simultaneously.

The lower line has a small town, locomotive maintenance and other ancillary functions, meat works, timber yard, quarrying and mining. The sours of materials for these functions come from the logging mill as cut timber, livestock from a farm, rock from a quarry located as branch lines off the logging line.   The town also services all the activities on the layout.  while the lower line is connected to the upper line is a continuous loop through the mountains in both directions on a single track with passing bays.

To run multiple trains manually take total concentration if single handed and reasonable foresight with multiple engineer /drivers.

Track layout

The track schematic below is produced from the computer control panel.

The panel shows critical information:- detected track blocks, electric controlled points, light detection diodes,

The location of each loco on the layout, the loco name, destination and the tracks booked by the tablets.

districts pane4


My software control is TCC produced By Howard Amos, Howard can be contacted at QtuTrains Howard@QtuTrains.com

The following window panel report progress, showing block occupation and train destination and many other things.

Vairable panel

The next panels show the state of sensors and below the state of points which can be activated by clicking in the respective box.

Sensor-control panel

This screen is activated when a train prepares to enter the control primary tracks (the yards are manually operated) the window shows the departure location, available loco’s and destinations, Note the climax has ne selected (bottom of window), town south is not available as it is the departure location.  In all there are 5 departure and arrival location and 11 routes to be selected. It is also possible to change a destination of a train while en-rout to a previous destination.

Loco Selection panel

The Dcc Throttle: Displays the speed, direction,brake on/off, momentum. these settings can manually override the script settings but only for the period of that setting.

Proirity;  Is used to prioritize multiple instructions which conflict until the conflict is resolved (normally by train movements)

Dcc throttle-Priority Panel

This is a section of the full schematic showing a train in block WL1 (purple), the loco and destination (red) the track ahead is booked with a token to WL4 , on arrival the track ahead dependent on destination is clear, If not the trains stops in the passing bay until a token can be issued for the track ahead.

For testing and debugging the script steps are printed on the screen. this will be switched off when debugging is complete.

movenent panel


LENZ dcc LV100 and booster, 2 x LH100 handsets, 2 XPA hand free units, LI 101F computer interface and 3 x LS150 turnout decaders.

Each power supply is connected through an electronic load protection to 8 power districts.

Track activity is monitored by 2 x CTI Sentry modules and 8 TrainBrain modules.


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